A Delicious Twist On a Bramble

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A Delicious Twist On a Bramble

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A sip of this super refreshing cocktail is all you need to Flirt with your refreshing sense!!

This refreshing drink “Twisted Bramble” featuring fresh muddled blackberries & rosemary, Gin, Chambord, Lemon juice and a Soda is all you need to escape the summer heat


  1. Gin 50ml
  2. Chambord 10ml
  3. Lemon Juice 15ml
  4. Fresh Blackberries & Rosemary 
  5. Soda


  1. In a rock glass, Muddle couple of Blackberries along with a small spring of Rosemary.
  2. Add Gin, Chambord, Lemon Juice and mix all the ingredients with a bar-spoon.
  3. Add Crushed ice.
  4. Top-Up with Soda and garnish with a Blackberry and a Rosemary.

There We GO!! You are all set to refresh yourself :)

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