Hello Everyone!! Purpose behind building up this website is to share with you all my journey till now behind the bar and to pass on as much knowledge as possible to all my industry friends. Of course I won’t claim that by going through my website you can become a great bartender by just reading the information available but trust me it will inspire you in many ways.

  • Working in F&B and want to move into the Bar?
  • Working as a Bar-back and want to learn?
  • Already a Bartender and want to gain that extra knowledge to become more successful?

Bartending is a challenging job which demands more of a physical work but at the same time theoretical knowledge will definitely take you further. I mean imagine to know your products so well by studying how they are made or what makes them different from each other? which definitely makes you more confident to sell your products well to your customers. Isn’t it? Our profession allows us to be as creative as possible by standing behind that bar with everything we have to play around. For me it’s a pride to be honest and I’m really grateful to be at the place I’m today with heaps of hard-work and struggle. in fact what I believe is “The Best Comes Out When You Are Working Under Pressure” isn’t that so? The best part about our job is that there’s such a long way to go. Everyday is a learning process and that always keeps you motivated and pushes you to end up better and better step by step. I myself is still learning as much as I can day by day and convinced myself that it’s never enough and this state of mind truly pushes me towards my future objectives.


Most jobs are either mental or physical. Bartending is both. Here’s the arrangement: In your city , there are numerous bars a visitor can get a Rum & Coke, isn’t that so? Anyway, why might somebody need to continue ordering a Rum & Coke from you? Well the answer is “The way you amuse your customers. It’s not about serving only a beverage but rather likewise about uniting with your visitors and by doing this you realize that they will return asking for you..and obviously more satisfied the guest, better the tips :))

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