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I’m trying hard to make so many people understand (especially people from my country – India) that the Jobs we do are considered as a Real profession..yess we are not saving lives, but whilst making great drinks, respecting the history of cocktails, inspiring each other and really looking after our CUSTOMERS, what we have is a real gift..BARTENDERS are the KEY to SUCCESS of any Lounge, Club or Restaurant..As a Bartender, you can make or break a business..in short, if you’re successful, the business will be successful #fact..We all work very hard throughout our career to build up that ability to WOW our Customers and give our 100% to make sure they leave our bar with that huge smiles on their faces..Bartenders don’t just mix a few Drinks, but “Every-time He/She shakes, stirs and pours that drink into your glass, that Bartender is sending a piece of His/Hers soul with it!! And as you slide that drink under your nose, and you take that first sip, a piece of our soul is exactly what you will taste” :))) I seriously feel proud and honored to stand behind the bar and mix those amazing drinks for my Guests..Everyday is a Learning process and I’m trying really hard to become a better person than I was yesterday :)))

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