Different Styles Of Rum

What are the Different Styles of Rum?


•Light Bodied Rum (white or silver): It is matured for up to one year in a barrel before being filtered and bottled. Fermentation will be short possibly lasting only 12 hours. Clear coloured, light bodied and dry. Most of them are column-distilled and work as a neutral base for a cocktail, having a very light and delicate texture to them.

 •Medium Bodied Rum (golden or amber): Can be made using either pot still or column still and are richer in taste and smoother in character. Medium rum can have caramel added to it for sweetness and colour and will usually be matured in wooden barrels for several years.

•Heavy Bodied Rum: It is created through a blend of coloured dark rums and well-aged “Brandy style” sipping rums. Usually made using traditional pot stills whilst incorporating a fermentation which may last for up to 10 days. Before ageing the barrels used are often heavily charred. All of these steps provide a very aromatic and full-bodied with a large molasses note. Most of the times caramel is added for colour and flavour.

 •Premium Aged/Anejo/Rhum Vieux: These are well matured rums thought of very highly by rum connoisseurs. Top Quality

•Single Marks/Single Barrel: These are very rare rums which are from a single distillery. Often bottled from individual casks or from vintage years.

 •Over proof rums: These are dominated by white rums which must have an ABV of over 57% (114 proof). Very strong, very powerful, not for the faint hearted. Usually used for flambé or longer drinks. These should not be consumed neat as they are very hard on the body and should never be used for cooking.

 •Rum Agricole: It is a rum produced using sugar cane juice instead of molasses. Rum agricole is made from freshly-squeezed sugar cane juice and then distilled to about 70% alcohol by volume. This flavourful spirit is called rum Agricole. It should be understood that just because a distiller claims their spirit is made from sugar cane juice it isn’t necessarily rum agricole.

 •Spiced Rums: They are produced with the addition of botanicals and spices to the distillate.

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