A Sweet Truth About “The Bitter Truth”

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A Sweet Truth About “The Bitter Truth”

Bitter Truth Violet Liqueur refers to a first-class drink, made from natural ingredients through a chemical-free procedure. Actually, violet blossoms flowers which grows in Alps are the main ingredients for the drink. In the process of making this drink, the violet blossom flowers are added to a fine grain spirit, resulting into very aromatic and floral drink which is great on the nose and the palet. Fortunately, the entire process involves natural ingredients and chemical-free procedures that make the drink rich in characters.

Bitter Truth Violet Liqueur has a long history. The idea of producing it was hatched June 6, 2006 in London by two Munich bartenders Alexander Houck and Stephan Berg who endeavoured to produce and distribute the product on large scale. The two had vast knowledge of producing cocktails bitters. Stefan was an expert in liqueur taste. By august, the same year, they had released three brands; Orange bitters, old time aromatic Bitters and Lemon bitters. Later on, the company produced three other bitters; Celery bitters, bitter truth jerry Thomas and Creole bitters all of which received bar awards.

Keeping in mind that Liqueur is a term that was used to refer to herbal medicines that were prepared by European monks in the 13th century, Bitter Truth Violet Liqueur users ought to be rest assured that this drink has medical benefits as it encompasses Liqueur ingredients. Considering the ingredients used to prepare the drink, it is recommended for various classes of people since it has health benefits. The purple blossoms are believed to help in skin softening and improving sleeping habits.

Although it is available in various volumes (750ml, 250ml and 50ml), a 22% alcohol content is maintained in every Bitter Truth Violet Liqueur bottle, no matter the volume. This makes the drink to be ideal for a wide range of age classes since this alcohol content has lesser effect on the health of the users and normal operation of the body system.

If you ever taste Bitter Truth Violet Liqueur, you will be surprised by its sweet scent and charming flavour. It has a slightly sweet taste and a top floral note that makes it the choice for many people. Besides, its luminous purple colour grants it the ability to capture as many users as possible. Basically, this colour is attractive and can give users the pride of relying on a first class drink.
This authentic Bitter Truth violet liqueur can be a great alternative to Creme de Violette, to make your Classic Aviation look beautiful with that light sky blue colour and to add floral notes which both smells and tastes amazing. It has enough potential to elevate your Aviation to the heaven :))

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